Monday, February 13, 2012

TMI Tuesday: February 14, 2012

Happy half-naked-winged-man-in-his-undies-carrying-a-bow-and-arrow Day
or as some people call it--Valentine's Day

Remember when we were kids and we wrote out little Valentine's Day cards to all our classmates and teachers? That was fun. You even made cards for the kids you didn't like. We should do that as adults, for our co-workers and neighbors.

1. Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. As the myth goes, a person who is shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire. On your behalf, who would you like Cupid to shoot?

2. Earlier in the evening you had dinner at the Fook Yue Chinese Restaurant. You are feeling quite amorous. You open a fortune cookie in the bedroom. Three fortunes appear:

1- “Your patience will be rewarded.” What would you like that reward to be?

ANS: A nice long blissful erotic spanking.

2- “Try something new.” What is the something new you want to try?

ANS: A little rough play with my breasts. My breasts are very sensitive. I have a low pain threshold though it has gotten better as I have tolerated harder and harder spankings in the last year. I am very protective of my breasts and treat them with kid-gloves, I demand you do the same. Lately though, I've been fantasizing about my tits being bound, and my nipples being roughly fondled. I hear it's a good time :D

3- ” ’tis better to give than receive.” What would you like to give?

ANS: I want to use a strap-on and peg a man with a nice round firm ass, a man who truly desires this and totally gets off on it. I want to peg him!

3. If you were to write a special Valentine message (e.g., card, letter, etc.) what is that message?


4. Are you doing something special for Valentine’s day or is it just another day?

ANS: Doing a repeat of last year, we're going to see a special Valentine's Day Burlesque-a-Pades. We went to last year's show which was simply fabulous. Can't wait to see the sexy in store for us tonight.
Angie Pontani's Burlesque-a-pades "After Dark"

5. You must give chocolate to your secret Valentine for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate is in the shape of your what?

ANS: My lovely pussy of course! My secret Valentine can enjoy the sweetness of my cherry...clit.

Bonus: You can make your own valentine heart candy. What is your message?

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angel shrout said...

bwhahaha love the last one..

V said...

#1. Is he sucking his own cock? What a talent! #2b. Oh, it is - very hot! #3. LOL #4. That sounds awesome. #5. Oh my Happy Valentine's Day, H!

the late phoenix said...

wait, hold up, you want a Jedi? finally, my years of secret love of STAR WARS will pay off, it won't be embarrassing anymore. i've tried to suck my own Light Saber, came close one time...after licking the candy clit, so beautifully prepared btw, i guarantee you i will ejaculate money...chocolate money, those chocolate coins in the gold foil...okay, i know, but it's a start

Ashly Star said...

#4, that sounds like fun! And I love your candy heart! Happy Tuesday :)

Mia Wallace said...

Cherry clit! Love it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jack and Jill said...

I never realized that autofellatio was a Jedi power. The Star Wars movies never delved into that, although the last few did kinda suck...

Your plans for tonight sound great! Hope you have fun! And your chocolate pussy looks quite delicious - though it's probably not as sweet as your actual pussy.

Dru said...

The images you used were something else especially the choc one. Can I have it please? Lol

Katie Archer said...

thank you so much for turning me onto Jedi!!! ohh my wish list...
I am with you on the "Pegging" a man...or fuck a woman, in a 3some the post with the photos :)

KaziGrrl said...

Breast bondage and play is indeed wonderful :)
and I love Jedis all over agian now!

~Kazi xxx

TemptingSweets99 said...

"Yes!" to all your answers! :-D

Catharine said...

I think Americans make way more effort with Valentine's Day than Brits do; we never sent cards to everyone when at school or anything. I also get the impression that Valentine's Day in the US involves huge numbers of heart-shaped biscuits so I feel I'm missing out. I'm not into flowers and stuff but I really, really love biscuits.

The chocolate and cherry vulva looks amazing!

Trickie said...

Dios mio, I will definitely catch me a Jedi - A Jedi Master. Soon!

I think your pussy heart totally rocks! HVD H, good times!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day oh Sexy Hedone!


Hedone said...

@Marcus: *doing a happy dance*

I miss you. I hope that things in your life have improved and that you are happy and fulfilled. ((HUGS))

Such a nice surprise.