Monday, January 23, 2012

TMI Tuesday: January 24, 2012

Would You Rather?

Questions are from Graham Norton's tv-show Would You Rather?

1. Would you rather wear the same pair of unwashed socks for 2 years or wear the same pair of unwashed underwear for 1 year? Explain.

ANS: I'll say socks. I don't have sweaty, smelly feet or a problem with athletes feet. Although if I wear the same dirty socks for two yearS I might have some serious fungal problems. I don't want to even think about the underwear situation. I must have clean panties. Do you know how many times I 'get wet' in a day? A week?... A lot!

2. Would you rather eat a baby or be eaten by a giant baby? Explain.

ANS: I would rather be eaten by a giant baby. Hopefully I'll be dead and cooked. My luck I'll get a giant baby who's into a raw food diet. Besides, I could NEVER eat another human being. I don't even like meat. (well I do like some "meat" and I do partake...often)

3. Would you rather steal money from your Grandfather in the past or steal money from a Grandchild in the future? Why?

ANS: Definitely steal from the grandchild of the future. I don't have any kids so how could I have a grandchild. Plus, I only knew one of my grandpas (the other was dead before I was born) and I wouldn't want to steal from him.

4. Would you rather be trapped in a cave full of vampire bats or put a large jar full of bees (opened) in your pants?

ANS: Easy...vampire bats. I am VERY allergic to insect stings. While I don't like bats, and I don't relish the idea of being trapped in a cave, I figure if I am quiet and don't flap around disturbing the bats they should just hang around and leave me alone. Right?

5. Would you rather be a person with a head that is noticeably big for your body or have a head that is disproportionately small compared to the rest of your body?

ANS: I will be a big head. People might think it's because I have a big brain, and I'm so smart. :D

Tiny head isn't a good look for me, but I love the suit.

David Byrne of the Talking Heads in his Big Suit.

Bonus (not from WYR): Would you rather have sex, with your significant other, in a sex club with all eyes and a spotlight on you OR would you rather get gang-banged & groped in darkness by a bunch of strangers?

ANS: I would rather be groped in the dark by strangers and poked and prodded and fucked wildly...anonymously. I am too shy for sex in the spotlight. I could have sex with others in the room--I have before, but the spotlight and all eyes on me is a bit much. I'm shy *bats eyelashes*

Go see who else played "Would You Rather..?"


Cat said...

loved reading your answers...I'm glad to see a sense of humor. I noticed some ppl take TMI's so seriously. :(

I like the fact we both picked "groped in the dark" for the bonus answer ;)

Good stuff this week.

Mia Wallace said...

I LOVE your "disclaimer" about meat in #2!!! Brilliant!

That picture is hilarious. The 80s were so harsh clothing wise...

Shy?! I call BS!!

the late phoenix said...

titty hot, i...*pause*...okay, now i'm settled

david byrne, YES!!! i love you, i really do

i'm shy, too, and my nickname in college was The Prodder, so...

Hedone said...

@Cat: Aaah dearest Cat, you--like many others who played TMI like the fun, the chance to think "off kilter", to be creative. And just think how much is revealed about oneself if you answer. There's a lot of TMI here amongst the silliness.

Glad you enjoyed, and glad that you played :-)

@Mia Wallace: I am shy. Just cuz I'm a kinky-nympho-sensual-dirty girl doesn't mean I'm not shy. :)

@the prodder...I mean the late phoenix: Today I was playing a lot of Tom Tom Club as I bopped around town. I know, not Talking Heads, not David Byrne but they are all creative, amazing artists.

You can poke me anytime ;-)


Tom Allen said...

Bonus points for the David Byrne shot. I'm a TH fan from way back.

KaziGrrl said...

Loved your answers! and your rationales :D

~Kazi xxx

Southern Sir said...

I'm with you on the socks for number 1.

Also with the vampires, rather face them then bees any day.

After seeing your picture you posted (my heart rate among other things is finally calming down.) you have nothing to be shy about, but then again you never know I may be one of them lurking in the dark,

TemptingSweets99 said...

1- LOL! at the wet panties.

2- Some meat, you can't do without. :)

4- I think you're right. If you were quiet, you wouldn't disturb the bats.

5- You ARE smart, Ms. Big Head. :-)

Bonus: Ohhh! I wanna read about the sex with others in the room. :-D

Hedone said...

@Tom Allen: Yup, I'm a fan. I used to frequent his website but haven't in a couple of years.

@KaziGrrl:'s been fun to read all the TMIers rationale for their answers. Some are quite funny, others make sense, crazy, but they make sense.

@Southern Sir: Thank you, I'll play with you in the dark.

@TS99: You make me laugh. I owe you too many stories.


Ashly Star said...

I do like some meat but I could seriously never eat another human being. Especially not a baby. Enjoyed reading your answers. Happy TMI Tuesday!

Jack and Jill said...

Hey, can I be one of the strangers poking, prodding and fucking wildly? I'd much rather play with you with the lights on, but I'll settle for darkness.


ALuv said...

LMAO! good one, they might think you have a big brain and so smart!! love that one!!! and the pic..hahaha, glad I went with a big head as well!