Monday, December 12, 2011

Questionable Invitations

Thank you to Virtual Sinner ( for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

1. You have been invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion.


Do you accept? What do you wear?

ANS: Oh yes, I accept. It's a once in a lifetime invitation. I wear my hot pink leather jacket and black leather mini that unzips up the front ;-0 and some spikey black leather heels. Once at the mansion I peel off the jacket and unzip the skirt to reveal an elegant matching ensemble of cream and black lace bra, panties, and garters along with sheer black stockings.


(for women) You have been invited to a private dinner at Godfather’s Pizza by Herman Cain.

(for men) The wife of a Fortune 500 CEO, reputed to have had extramarital relationships, invites you to a private dinner when the husband is out of town.

Do you accept? Why or why not?

ANS: Herman Cain does nothing for me sexually and while I am a business woman, I don't really want to pick his brain about business. If the wife of the CEO looked like Helen Mirren say 10 or more years ago...hell yeah!!! (I still think Ms. Mirren is sexy).

3. Charlie Sheen (for women) or Your favorite female porn star (for men) is making a movie in the city where you live. You happen to meet him/her, and he/she suggests you stop by his/her hotel for a drink?

Do you go?

ANS: Charlie Sheen is gross to me, so NO! If my favorite female porn star Jada Fire (the way she looked mid-career ...who am I kidding, I do her now) invited me to her hotel I am soooo there! The things I'd like to do to her.

4. Your boss (of the opposite sex) who has been very flirty with you insists that when you’ve finished a project by working late or on a weekend you bring it by his/her house immediately?

Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you go alone or take a friend along?

ANS: If it is really urgent that I go, sure I'll go. If he or she has been flirty I can rebuff them and to be sure things don't get out of control I would take along a friend, unannounced.

5. You’re working on a political campaign. Late one evening, you get a call from the campaign manager saying the candidate (of the opposite sex) would like to see you right away in his/her hotel room.

Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you tell someone you are going there or keep it a secret?
What do you wear?

ANS: Depending upon one's duties with the campaign, late night hotel meetings are not unusual. However, if your job is to pass out leaflets I'd say something is amiss :D If I was looking to make a name for myself I could accept the invitation and tell my BFF I was going. Then show up in something sexually enticing.

This little number says serious but easily accessible *wink, wink*.
The bow at the waist is flirty and suggestive-- "unwrap me".

Whether anything happens or not doesn't matter. It will all come out at the most opportune time for my candidate's opponent that I had regular nighttime meetings and always showed up in skimpy clothing. (Anyone remember when Monica Lewinsky confided in co-worker Linda Tripp about Bill Clinton?)

Happy TMI Tuesday!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!