Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TMI Tuesday: December 6, 2011

Stop Making Sense...
There is no rhyme or reason for this week's TMI Tuesday questions. It's just cooky fun.

1. If you were a car, which one would you be? What are some of your best features?

ANS: I think I'd be like a Rolls Royce Phantom--"Attitude, class, enough rear-seat room to satisfy."
The smooth sumptuous body attracts with a powerful striking presence. Look under my hood and there's a glistening turbo charged engine for maximum performance. Complete with luxury amenities and always-on high beams for a tantalizing view ;-)

2. If I gave you an Elephant where would you hide it?

ANS: Behind a tree of course.

3. Finish this sentence: Tomorrow I absolutely refuse to....

ANS: Go to any retail store. I went to the mall yesterday, which I rarely do because I hate shopping...period...in any season. But I'm doing this 12 Days of Christmas thing for KG so I needed to go shopping. I thought to myself I know it's holiday shopping season but how bad can a shopping mall be early Monday morning around 11 am." It's pretty freakin' bad! That's how bad. Grrr! Gotta rethink this 12 Days of Christmas thing. Zappos sells everything now, maybe I can get some sexy lingerie and slutty dresses from them.

On the bright side I did buy one very sexy, beautiful and ornate deep rose pink bra with matching lace thong. I also got two really fun bras--one is white cotton with various sized peace signs in different colors all over it. If I had time I would've modelled it for you. ;-) I have a theme planned for that piece.

At Lord & Taylor I tried on this hot looking blue and green suede shoe.

Jessica Simpson bendie platform shoe

It looked great with my jeans. As I walked through the department testing the feel of the shoe, I had this 30-ish Asian lady following me around telling me how great the shoe looked (no she did not work there)-- "find a mirror...they look so niiice...are they on sale...are you gunna buy?" I also turned the head of a man waiting on the sidelines as the woman he was with slipped on some boots. I did not buy the shoe, it was too big. My size was gone. But on a search for a photo of the shoe I have found my size and a whole smorgasbord of colors! Color me excited *big grin* These sexy shoes will play a role in the 12 Days of Christmas...Hedone-style :-)

4. What is the longest period of time that you’ve gone without a shower?

ANS: Gosh. I don't know. Maybe three days when I was on a camping trip. I refused to use the camp showers. I did wash up in the sinks though. I was too creeped out to be in the public camp showers. I did however sneak in to peek at a sexy man who took a shower after midnight. It was the first time I saw him naked (perfect cock, great ass). He caught me looking and invited me in. I didn't take him up on his invitation. After he toweled off and put on some clothes, we ended up sitting by a camp fire talking and flirting; others were there too. To get some alone time we went back to his tent where he gave lots of attention to my breasts and I gave him the best hand job EVER (his words not mine). Eventually he became my boyfriend.

5. What is the silliest prank you ever played on someone?

ANS: I'm not a prankster.

Bonus: What is the best piece of gossip that you recently heard?

ANS: Nada. Well there is some stuff but way too revealing.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Cougar in Training said...

Great answers...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the elephant! :)

Jack and Jill said...

"Attitude, class, enough rear-seat room to satisfy." Yep, that's you.

Your plans for the peace sign bra have stoked my curiosity. I am going to imagine you protesting war wearing only that bra and a matching pair of panties. And maybe the suede shoes.

The camping story from #4 is awesome. While on a camping trip, Jill and I came close to having sex in a public camp shower, but her brother's then-girlfriend interrupted us. No, it didn't turn into a threeway. Oh well.


Tame said...

I also love the picture of the elephant - and great choice of car :-)


ALuv said...

IN LOVE WITH THE CAR!!! great taste and choice!!

the picture of the elephant..Hillarious!

I LOVE the shoes!!

Love your answers!!

thank you

Cat said...

"Behind a tree".... lmao
Love the way you described the car answer..very seductive
and love the answer to #4 "eventually he became my boyfriend" awwwww!!!
Have fun with the shopping gig...I love shopping, but not under pressure...every year I tell myself "gonna start in January and collect until December," never works out that way :(

Mia Wallace said...

I'm not a big shopper either, but it sure sounds like you were successful and enjoyed yourself!
I actually found that whole camping story sexy. Super sexy. Thanks for sharing.

Hedone said...

@Cougar: Thank you sexy.

@Jack and Jill: *blushing* Aww shucks!

I would tell you but somebody peeks in on my blog. He knows too much already :D

@Tame: Thank you Tame.

@ALuv: Thanks for stopping by. You should see all the wonderful suede colors this shoe comes in. I'm drawn to bright colors but not for my feet, I'll stick with the green and blue suede.

@Cat: Hello Miss Sassy, I always appreciate your comments. And shopping from here on out will be online...as it usually is.

@Mia Wallace: Thanks for visiting. BTW...you've a nice pair of tatas.

Southern Sir said...

Sound like your ready to be taken for a test drive ;-)

The picture of the elephant is a hoot.

The shoes and the lingerie.....HOT!

KaziGrrl said...

I absolutely refuse to be in a mall (or large department store!) from Black Friday until sometime after New Year's... Taz handles all the holiday shopping because it provokes a PTSD response in me...

That elephant pic cracks me up... where do you find this stuff!!

~Kazi xxx

Hedone said...

Hello Southern Sir: Let's ride!

Hi Kazi! In regards, to shopping I don't know why I did that to myself. :(


TemptingSweets99 said...

Love the rolls royce. perhaps i'll upgrade from the mercedes. ;-)

And the elephant hiding. ;-)

viemoira said...

Interesting camp story. :)
I hate public showers too- prbly make you more dirty me thinks.