Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TMI Tuesday: October 11, 2011

Have and Have Not

I have never made Angry Bird cupcakes or cupcakes at all for that matter.

List five (5) things I have done that other people probably have not done.

1. Examined, looked inside a space capsule-- where the crew resides-- that was preparing to go on a space mission. I also possess a piece of space shuttle tile.

2. Performed doggie acupressure.

3. Sold girl scout cookies. Alright! So a lot of people have done this. I couldn't think of anything else. Well I did but it's too personal and would compromise my anonymity.

4. Been felt up by a transvestite, on stage, in front of about 300 people. It was my birthday. My "friends" thought it would be a funny surprise.

5. I have played ring toss with a penis. (See #6)

List five (5) things I have not done that other people probably have done.

1. I have never slid down a toilet. Granted a lot you probably haven't but then again, a lot of people have... Check out this giant toilet slide.

2. Carried a puppy in a purse.

3. Been in a gangbang or an orgy.

4. Rubbed fruit on any part of my body. Well there was that time I fucked a rather large banana. Oh and there was that enticingly shaped squash... (read more)

5. I have never crawled with a plug in my ass, a vibe in my pussy and a cock in mouth. (Read more)

Bonus: What is the oddest thing that you've ever seen?

A three story birthday cake complete with candles, on the side of the highway.

Bonus, Bonus: What is the oddest, kinkiest, or craziest thing you have ever done?

Craziest: Jumped into a school of jelly fish. Not on purpose. The jelly fish swam right under me as I was airborn having jumped from the side of the sailboat. I was lucky I didn't get stung; most of them were small jelly fish.


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TemptingSweets99 said...

yikes! glad you weren't stung by the jellyfish.

virtualsin said...

Not all jellyfish sting. Maybe they were a benign variety.

Jack and Jill said...

And you say our answers are hilarious! Space Shuttle tile is pretty cool and I'll bet it makes a nice conversation piece. As someone who has never sold Girl Scout cookies, I think your answer to #3 is a good one. And we can relate to your worries about compromising your anonymity. There have been lots of things we've wished we could have said in various installments of TMI Tuesday but doing so would have been risky on our part. Thanks for linking to the "How NOT to Spice Up Your Sex Life" entry (and the others), as the ring toss talk had us cracking up yesterday. I've got to wonder how your scrunchie, which I assume didn't hold its shape as well as, say, a ring made of plastic, worked for this purpose. Thank you for not carrying a puppy in a purse, as I can't imagine most dogs would want to be so confined. The closest either of us has come to the rubbing fruit thing was my (Jack's) early-twenties predilection for squeezing grapes on women's behinds before rimming them. Most of them found it a turn-on. Actually, just before typing this I decided to Google "grape juice" and "rimming" to see if it was safe, but obviously these two phrases in the same search returned nothing but websites about cocktail preparation (i.e., rimming the glass with salt). So I changed my search terms to "grape juice" and "rimjob", but that didn't help much, as "rimjob" is the name of a drink.

Hedone said...

@TS99: Yes, I was.

@virtualsin: Oh, I learned something new.

@Jack and Jill: Lol on your google search.


Jz said...

Did you sand your banana first?
(just wondering if I stand alone there...)

I was going to tell you a funny jellyfish story but you got me too distracted when I realized that was ME you were citing...
(but the story involves empty clam shells, firecrackers, and some untimely jellyfish deaths, should you be wondering.)

Cat said...

well we have the orgy/gangbang in common and the selling of GS cookies. The birthday cake reminds me of something else odd i saw...a tree across the street from a huge gated mansion..and in the tree was hanging tons of shoes..along the ground too. i took photos, but must have lost them when my hard drive crashed. :(

Hedone said...

@Jz: Sand the banana? No dear. I did put a condom on it. Gotta tell ya that sounds like a pick-up line: "Hey Mr. can I sand your banana?" :D

Your jelly fish story has got to be a doozey. I expect the full story.

@Cat: That does sound odd...and kinda eerie. Wish you had the photo.


virtualsin said...

You've never made cupcakes?

Are you just too lazy to find the muffin pan or what?

Hedone said...

@virtualsin: :D

I have made homemade muffins plenty. I just haven't done cupcakes. Why? I don't like icing or the extra, tedious steps it takes to apply the icing. I don't really like cake either, so my recipes are banana muffins, sweeter muffins, banana blueberry. I'm usually using up over ripe fruit, which is why I make them at all.